Hi ! I'm William

I am a freelance IT that collaborates with many partners specializing in different skills to provide the best solutions for your business.
Rue Clément Dambot 19 - La Louvière +32 64 860 288 BE 1 001 146 205


We provide a customised solution

With over 20 years of experience in IT, we analyse your needs and can offer you a customised solution from embedded systems to servers, barebones or laptops.
We are familiar with Apple, Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat) and Windows systems, of which we are partners.


We secure your home or business

We help you secure your home or business through the installation and maintenance of alarms, cameras and fire detectors.

One of our partners is approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

Web Design

We redesign your website

We create or modify your website so that it meets current security standards and is compatible with the latest regulations

Access control

We add a layer of security to your building

164405258 mWe can add electronic or magnetic locks to your doors and couple them with a badge system, facial recognition, intercom...

Optical Fiber

We boost your bandwidth

159923461 mThanks to a well-known partner in Belgium, we can offer you a dedicated fibre optic internet line.

  • 99.9% guaranteed bandwidth
  • Symmetrical flow (download = upload)
  • Flexible contract duration
  • Data rates between 250Mbps and 10Gbps

Facial Reconition

We are specialised in facial recognition

117203583 sThanks to a high quality facial recognition device, we install and configure customised access control, presence control or even time and attendance control.


We save you money

We study your electrical installation and make it compliant.
We can also partially or fully automate your home so that you can control everything remotely.


We revolutionise your daily life and accelerate your digital transformation

Specialists, trained, qualified and certified, allowing you to delegate the management and administration of these various closely related areas with complete confidence.

A single objective: to ensure the permanent availability of your office and IT infrastructures for your company and your employees, thus ensuring the continuity of your activities


Graphical Design

We design your logo, business cards, flyers...

154529689 mOur graphic designer will create your logo, but also your paper or digital supports